HelioHost Plans

We've decided to start opening free signups twice a day instead of just once. From now on free signups are available on Johnny starting at midnight UTC and noon UTC each day, and will likely fill pretty quick. Donor accounts on Tommy are available at any time of the day if you don't want to wait for free signups to open. If you need help deciding which plan to go with don't hesitate to ask using the Discord chat icon in the bottom right corner. We look forward to having you join the HelioHost community.

That plan is already full for the day.

[1] The uptime percentage is based on the last seven days which can be seen at status.heliohost.org. [2] Maximum number of domains can be upgraded. [3] Using more than 100 GB memory or more than 10k CPU per day increases the cost to a maximum of $20.00 per month. [4] We don't allow mining or other software that causes excessive load, and all installed software must comply with our terms of service. Please note: You may only have one account on Johnny, Tommy, and Morty without prior written permission from an admin. You can provide your justifcation for multiple accounts by opening a support ticket or by emailing support@heliohost.org.